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Chef Damien Moloney presents an authentic and delicious menu of Irish recipes enjoyed in a contemporary, casual dining environment.

Black Angus Sliders
american, bacon, spicy ketchup,
brioche, pickle 12

smoked bacon, queso fresco, baby spinach,
sour cream, salsa verde, guacamole 10
add chicken 2, shrimp 6,

Claddagh Wings
boneless wings, hot tangy sauce,
bleu & ranch 13

Pretzel & Cheese
warm pretzel, harp aged cheddar
cheese sauce, bacon jam, caraway mustard 11

Irish Sausage Rolls
Irish sausages, puff pastry, jameson mustard,
chive oil, micro green 10

Macaroni & Smoked Gouda
cavatappi, smokey cheese sauce,
potato chips, breadcrumb 12
add bacon 2, chicken 4

housemade dressings: ranch, bleu cheese, balsamic, marie rose, bbq ranch,
green goddess, cranberry vinaigrette

mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, celery,
green onion, egg, red pepper, bacon,
chicken, avocado, ranch 13

Grecian Chicken
mixed greens, tomato, egg, green pepper,
feta, olives, pepperoncini, onion, red pepper,
balsamic 13

Southwestern Shrimp
mixed greens, corn, beans, tomato, red pepper,
onion, tortilla strips, avocado, pepperjack,
bbq ranch 17

Winter Kale
rainbow winter kale, poached turky breast,
mixed greens, carrots, crumbled goat cheese,
maple candied bacon, roasted cashews,
cranberry vinaigrette 14

Traditional Tomato
fresh tomato, cream
bowl 5 cup 3

Today’s soup
always fresh & seasonal
bowl 5 cup 3

Kerryman Chili
made fresh daily
bowl 6 cup 4

Corned Beef & Cabbage
house corned beef, otatoes,
carrots, braised cabbage,
parsley cream sauce 17

Fish & Chips
wild caught cod, housecut fries,
malt vinegar tartar sauce 17

Steak & Chips
USDA black angus ribeye, steak fries,
peppercorn red wine demi glace,
herb salad, picked red onion 20

Shepherds Pie
ground beef, vegetables, beef gravy,
mashed potato, cheddar,
house irish cheddar soda bread 16

Guinness Beef Stew
24 hour braised beef, root vegetables,
rich guiness gravy, champ mashed potatoes,
irish cheddar soda bread, micro mirepoix 17

The Irish Breakfast
sausage, bacon, black & white pudding,
potato, tomato, eggs, beans, toast 16


Seasonal Vegetables 4
Steak Fries 5
Mac & Gouda 6
House Salad 5
Mashed Potatoes 4
Housecut Fries 5
Curried Chips 6
Sweet Potato Fries 6

all sandwiches are served with your choice of side:
steak fries, house salad, seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes, cup of soup, housecut fries
sweet potato fries 1, curried chips 2, mac n’ gouda 3

Corned Beef Sandwich
house corned beef, swiss cheese,
jameson mustard, jewish rye 15

Chicken Sandwich
grilled or blackened, boursin cheese,
grilled onions, potato bun 13

Turkey Club
sixteen hour sous vide turkey breast,
lettuce, tomato, bacon, avocado, pickled egg,
cranberry aoili, sourdough 12

Wisconsin Grilled Cheese
sharp cheddar, avocado, arugula,
sundried tomato pesto marmalade,
texas toast 12
add bacon 2, chicken 4

all burgers are house ground and served with your choice of side:
steak fries, house salad, seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes, cup of soup housecut fries
sweet potato fries 1, curried chips 2, mac n’ gouda 3

The Turkey
ground turkey, smoked chilies,
green onion, pepperjack, chipotle aioli,
avocado, golden bun 14

The Bison
ground bison, goat cheese, jalapeno aioli,
avocado, pretzel bun 19

The Cheddar
half pound of black angus beef,
irish cheddar, irish bacon, marie rose,
golden bun 13

Bacon Jam Burger
half pound of black angus beef,
smoked gouda, bacon jam,
roasted garlic aioli,
pretzel bun 15

Split Order $2.00

***Warning! The consumption of raw or under cooked food increases the risk of food borne illness.***

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