Chicken Fingers

– Beer battered chicken fingers served with Marie Rose and Smoked Tomato Blueberry BBQ sauce ($25.00 per dozen)



– Tossed in our signature Claddagh sauce and served with buttermilk ranch and bleu cheese dressing ($25.00 per dozen)


Irishman’s Quesadilla (without Irish bacon)

– Irish bacon, spinach, cheddar, in a flour tortilla served with sour cream, salsa verde and house made guacamole ($30.00 per dozen)


Black Angus Sliders

– American cheese, American bacon, spicy ketchup served on toasted brioche (served medium unless otherwise requested) ($40.00 per dozen)


Spinach Bake Crostinis

– Sauteed spinach, creamy boursin, garlic and herbs served on a toasted crostini ($30.00 per dozen)


Crab Cakes

– Lump crabmeat, fresh cream, red pepper, and green onion, floured and pan seared, served with a sweet chili aioli ($50.00 per dozen)



– Fresh tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil, and Parmesan cheese served on a toasted crostini ($12.00 per dozen)


Fish Goujons

– Beer battered pollock served with a malt vinegar tartar sauce and fresh lemon wedges ($36.00 per dozen)


Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

– Fresh east coast shrimp wrapped in American bacon served with our Smoked Tomato Blueberry BBQ sauce ($50.00 per dozen)


Smoked Salmon Crostinis

– Smoked Salmon, dill yogurt and pickled red onion relish on a toasted crostini ($50.00 per dozen)


Irish Sausage Rolls

– Irish bangers wrapped in puff pastry served with Guinness mustard ($40.00 per dozen)


Buffalo Chicken Sliders

– Buffalo fried chicken breast served with blue cheese dressing on toasted brioche ($40.00 per dozen)


Mini Reubens

– Shaved corned beef brisket, Swiss cheese, and 1000 island served on marble rye ($40.00 per dozen)


Gluten Free | Vegetarian

*Two (2) Dozen Minimum Order Required Per Appetizer Item*
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