Brunch Menu

Brunch served until 4pm

The “Gaelic” Skillet
irish sausages, irish bacon, red onion,
green pepper, breakfast potato, irish
cheddar, eggs and toast 16

The Irish Breakfast
sausage, bacon, black and white pudding,
potato, tomato, eggs,
beans and toast 18

Corned Beef Hash
fresh corned beef, hash browns,
spicy wholegrain mustard, eggs
and jewish rye toast 15

Texas French Toast
texas toast soaked in a vanilla
batter, caramelized banana, vanilla
glaze and warm maple syrup 12

Avocado Toast
sliced fresh avocado, sourdough,
scrambled egg, fresh fruit 12

Irish Bacon 4
Black Pudding 2
White Pudding 2
Irish Sausage 4
Turkey Sausage 4
Toast 2
Eggs 2
American Bacon 4
Hashbrowns 3
Beans 3
Fruit 3
Breakfast Potato 4

Kerry Mary
house vodka, mix, celery salt rim, guinness,
celery stick, pickle topped with horseradish
and sprinkled with pepper, olives, lime 8

Hot Mary
absolut peppar, mix, hot sauce, horseradish,
black peppercorn, Worchester sauce, jalapeño,
blue cheese stuffed olives 10

John Daly
house vodka, lemonade, fresh brewed
iced tea 9

Original Mimosa
prosecco, fresh orange juice,
orange slice 8

Sea Breeze
house vodka, grapefruit & cranberry juice 9

house vodka, fresh orange juice 9

Lady In Red
cava on ice, fresh strawberries 13

Lemon Pop
lemoncello, prosecco 10

Salty Dog
titos vodka, fresh grapefruit juice, sea salt 11

Grapefruit Sparkler
deaths door gin, st. germaine, prosecco,
fresh grapefruit juice, sea salt 13

corona, zing zang bloody mary mix, lime juice 5

Kerry Mary & Original Mimosa $5 every Saturday & Sunday

Zardetto Prosecco

Zardetto Prosecco Rose 40

Moet Imperial 95

Coffee 3

Decaf coffee 3

Cappuccino 4

Latte 4

Espresso 4




Grapefruit 2.5

Kerry Mary & Original Mimosa $5 every Saturday & Sunday